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Picking out a rough diamond from the ground

Ethical Sourcing

Shimansky is unique among jewelers as we mainly source our diamonds directly from the alluvial diamond mines in Kimberly and surrounds, in South Africa. We have our own cutting and polishing diamond workshops, assuring you an ethical mine to finger diamond journey and a 100% conflict free guarantee.

Our gold and platinum are sourced directly from the South African mining companies and their refineries with strict code of conduct and compliance with international and local regulation where every batch of metal is traceable and mining is done responsibly.

Girl drinking water out of a tap


At the heart of every Shimansky jewellery creation; Diamonds, gemstones and corporate governance, we strive to act in a sustainable way to reduce any negative impact on the world from our choice of light source, recycling of waste, packaging material, low and efficient energy processes to selecting our service providers.

Our diamonds originate mainly from the alluvial diamond mines where the old riverbed is mined with a strict code of rehabilitation after every digging take place, filling back the land, the same apply to responsible gold and platinum mining.

School children learning together

Giving Back

The Shimansky Diamond Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports local causes, mainly focusing on providing food and education to children in need as the base for contributing to a better tomorrow by assisting in creating better opportunities. We are open to channel any donations you may wish to make without any administrative fees. 100% of the funds are used for the purpose it is intended for.

Hands together planting new trees

Responsible sourcing in a sustainable way, giving back for a better tomorrow.