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Equally important to the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of a diamond is the 5th C – Confidence.

Purchasing a diamond is a special occasion, one that usually involves a lot of deliberation and planning on the buyer’s side. Confidence in knowing that you are buying your diamond through a reputable jeweller and that the diamond was sourced ethically is absolutely vital when selecting your diamond or diamond jewellery creation.

Man proposing to his surprised girlfriend on the beach with Shimansky Jewellery

The most important driver in life, is love. Our lives are filled with beautiful moments in which we celebrate our love, such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, to name but a few. There is so much more to a diamond than its physical properties – and at the heart of every diamond is a story.

Whether it is the story of how your partner created the perfect engagement, or the beautiful memory of a golden wedding anniversary, a diamond celebrates the special moments that we wish could last forever.

Shimansky Jewellery Diamond Museum Experience at the Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

When selecting your diamond or jewellery creation, it is important to choose a reputable jeweller that recognises the magnitude of your occasion, and the importance of finding the diamond jewellery creation that captures your heart.

Shimansky is one of the only jewellers in South Africa to source rough diamonds direct from the South African mines, and to cut and polish their diamonds in-house. You can trust that every step, from the sourcing of rough diamonds from ethically-bound mines to the cutting and polishing process is handled by the best in the industry to ensure that you own a remarkable diamond – a Shimansky diamond.

The Shimansky diamond cutting and polishing workshop is located in the Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront, alongside the impressive Shimansky diamond showroom, and Cape Town’s only dedicated diamond museum, The Cape Town Diamond Museum.

Shimasnky Jewellery cutting and polishing a diamond in the jewellery workshop

“Cutting and polishing our diamonds in-house creates value every step of the way,” says Shimansky founder and CEO, Yair Shimansky. Because the diamond stays within the Shimansky family from its rough state, all the way to its final setting in a jewellery creation, it is possible to control the quality of its cut and polish, as well as the integrity in which the work is done.

Shimansky diamonds are graded by international and independent grading laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the European Gemological Laboratories (EGL). Such certificates serve as proof of the diamond’s  grading, and also contains vital information such as the proportions of the diamond, details of its inclusions, and notes on its polish, symmetry and fluorescence.

A Shimansky Jewellery Diamond cut

When purchasing a diamond, it is important to select one that has been cut and polished to maximise its potential in terms of brilliance. Though colour, clarity and carat weight is determined by nature, it is the diamond cutter who is responsible for cutting the diamond in such a way that it yields a high grading for its cut.

Any blemishes (nicks and scratches on the surface of the diamond) accidently caused by the diamond cutter will affect the diamond’s value greatly. At Shimansky, a team of world-class experts with a wealth of experience and skills work with the utmost concentration and dedication to ensure that each and every Shimansky diamond is cut to realise its full potential.

Father celebrating holding his daughter in the air

The continuous pursuit of perfection is the driver that sets the standard for all Shimansky jewellery creations.

At Shimansky, we understand the importance of celebrating the special moments in people’s lives. The customer is buying more than just a diamond – they are buying a moment of fire that will stay with them for the rest of their lives,” Shimansky explains. When embarking on the journey of finding the diamond that is perfect for you or your loved one, you’ll be guided by a team of passionate and dedicated Shimansky professionals.

CEO Yair Shimansky in the Shimansky Jewellery Diamond Museum Experience

Just like every diamond is unique, each person has their own unique taste and preferences. Shimansky offers a wide variety of diamond jewellery creations: From patented original designs such as the world-renowned Millennium Diamond Ring, to classic Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings, there is a style and cut to capture every heart.

The beauty of a Shimansky original is only truly recognised when it is worn by the one it was meant for,” says Yair Shimansky. When embarking on your diamond-buying journey, always select a jewellery who has your best interest at heart and who will guide you in finding exactly what you are looking for.