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A Shimansky Jewellery Diamond cut

The most beautiful diamond in the world

A Shimansky Diamond

At the heart of every Shimansky diamond, is a South African natural treasure, combined with the constant pursuit of perfection, passion, and innovation to maximize the brilliance and potential in every hand-selected diamond to deliver the most beautiful diamond you deserve.

Every facet, angle, cut, polish, proportions, and other factors are considered by our diamond experts. With over 5 international diamond-cut patents, our experience and knowledge are second to none in the world of diamonds.

Mine to Finger

The Shimansky Diamond’s journey begins when only the top diamonds are hand-selected directly from the South African mines. The selection process can take up to five days. With specialized equipment such as laser mapping, 3D scanning combined with personal skills and experience, only the finest rough diamonds are selected for their potential to become a Shimansky diamonds, making their way to the Shimansky diamond cutting and polishing workshop situated in Cape Town, South Africa.

A rough and a cut diamond next to each other

Personally Curated

We often receive a special request for an investment diamond in red, blue or pink in a desired shape and size for a bespoke jewellery creation or as a store of value that will appreciate over time.

We can supply and verify your diamond at an exceptional value or source the uncut diamonds to be cut & polished to meet yout needs. A unique bespoke service for qualified customers.

The true value of a Shimansky jewellery creation is only realised when it is worn by the person it is meant for.

Shimansky picking up a cut diamond within loose diamonds

A Cut Above

Out of all the 4cs of diamond grading, the cut is the most influential factor on the diamond’s light behavior that affects its brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

With the constant pursuit of perfection in everything we do, diamonds are no exception. With years of experience in diamond cutting and polishing, Shimansky has designed and patented innovative diamond cuts that are superior in their brilliance and light performance compared to regular diamond cuts commonly used.

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Shimansky Exclusive Diamond Cuts

Shimansky Eight Hearts Diamond Cut

Eight Hearts

Superior Round Cuts

The first branded Hearts & Arrows diamond that is cut and polished in South Africa. The exclusive Shimansky Eight Hearts diamond, has a distinct eight sided star pattern when viewed from the topusing the 'Ideal Scope' diamond veiwer, and a patter of eight hearts when viewed from the pavillion side of the diamond.

Shimansky Brilliant 10 Diamond cut

Brilliant 10

The Brilliant 10 diamond cut is the result of years of research into the exact science of light behavior and optic dispersion. Tested in leading international gemological laboratories, with up to 25% more brilliance compared to a round brilliant cut diamond, there is little to no light leakage - a world's first in the diamond industry.

Shimansky Signature My Girl Diamond Cut

My Girl

My Girl Diamond

The world's first diamond with a diamond-shaped table, the My Girl Diamond was designed and patented by Yair Shimansky after three years of research and development into the science and art of light behavior and optics, It is the first internationally patented cut to originate from South Africa, a Shimansky exclusive.

Shimansky My Girl Cushion Diamond Cut

My Girl Cushion

The My Girl Cushion cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table is a meaningful improvement of the popular Cushion cut diamond, by applying unique cutting principle developed for the My Girl Cut, more brilliance, fire and scintillation are created making the My Girl Cushion cut the most mesmerizing of all.

CEO Yair Shimansky happily inspecting diamonds at the jewellery store.

The 5th C of Diamond Grading

Equally important to the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of a diamond is the 5th C – Confidence. Knowing that you are buying your diamond through a trusted jeweler and that the diamond was mined and sourced ethically.

With hands-on experience in every aspect of the diamond’s journey, Shimansky is a expert in the world of diamonds. Delivering a unique experience and value beyond the 4cs.

A great diamond will retain its value and will appreciate with time while looking beautiful every day of your life, for you to enjoy and generations to come.

Customize Your Dream Engagement Ring

Work with us to make your dream engagement ring vision come to life. We will be there for you every step of the way, from selecting your diamond, the metal of choice & ring design. Bring your vision to life in a one-of-a-kind experience, from our first meeting in person or virtually, helping you to select your diamonds that capture your heart to creating the most beautiful engagement ring in platinum or gold, with our state-of-the-art technology and skill, you will view your ring in 3D from every angle, a guarantee that your ring will be as expected and beyond.

Assortment of Shimansky Diamond Engagement Rings