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Shimansky loose gold stones

South African Treasures

Gold was originally discovered in South Africa in Witwatersrand gold reef in June 1884. South Africa has more than 80% of the world's platinum reserves which started to be mined in 1924 in a town called Rustenburg in the North West Province.

South Africa is world renowned for its Gold and Platinum, forming the base for our jewellery designs and creations, capturing the richness of gold to the brightness of the platinum in every piece. Allowing Shimansky direct access to buy Gold
and Platinum in its purest form, crafting jewellery that are truly South African treasures for you to own.

A man picking up a loose piece of gold

Ethically Mined

Shimansky's Gold and Platinum is ethically mined by the world's leading mining companies, who comply with the international and local code for ethical mining and supply chain. Every batch is recorded and registered with a unique identification number allowing us to trace it all the way to the mine it originates from.

“The beauty of a perfectly cut diamond is not just in its exquisite aesthetics, but in the way it makes you feel,” says Yair Shimansky, founder and CEO of Shimansky.

Shimansky 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Responsibly Sourced

Our Platinum and Gold is sourced from the mines and their refineries allowing us to assure you that your jewellery is not made from second-hand gold or molten jewellery where the origin cannot be traced or mined through illegal activities. We monitor every step in our supply chain and comply with the international and local AML laws and the United Nation Resolutions for your assurance.

Shimansky 18K Yellow Gold Wedding Band

Virgin Gold

Every Shimansky jewellery creation starts with the purest gold of 24 karats also known as 999.9 purity, then alloyed to the required karat purity such as 18 Karat using premade alloy in a specialized laboratory where every batch is consistent and controlled for quality assurance. We do not use second-hand or recycled gold, assuring you the very best gold you deserve.

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Shimansky Millennium Diamond Earrings in 18K White Gold

Superior Platinum

The purest quality of 100% Platinum is known as 999.9% purity. We alloy our platinum with Ruthenium, a nobel metal from the platinum group of metals, into the best platinum alloy for your jewellery - 95.2% Platinum with 4.8% Ruthenium.

Each Shimansky jewellery creation is made from a fresh platinum batch that is pure and consistent in quality and appearance.

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