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Contemporary and timeless designs created for your special moments

Design & Craft


Less is more. Contemporary designs that stand out in the crowd. Effortless elegance and grace while maintaining precision and quality craftsmanship, each Shimansky jewelry creation is a statement of beauty and love. Shimansky creates beautifully designed & crafted jewelry that helps celebrate those special moments and occasions in life.

We realize the gravity of helping our customers find a piece of jewelry that perfectly captures the essence of their moment, reflects their love and persoanlity. It is our privilege to be a part of this emotionally rewarding journey and taking pride in guiding you to find the perfect piece of jewelry for your unforgettable moment.

Design Process

From a thought, inspiration and creativity, a design idea is born, taking conceptual shape in the designer mind and when put to paper a magical creation is born.

The Shimansky design process is a combination of creative talent, technical expertise, A design excellence where every jewelry is a work of art that communicate its true beauty.

In the modern world of today, Shimansky jewelry design the process is a combination of traditional practice and the latest advancement of 3D software that allows us to translate any design into a photorealistic creation for evaluation and if required to print the jewelry using a 3D raisin printer for a better feel before the jewelry is made.

Craft Process

With a culture of love and passion every step of the way, Shimansky masters the art of making jewelry in every detail. With years of experience and constant learning, the art of jewelry making is preserved.

Starting with the raw material, pure gold or platinum is alloyed to the karat of choice awaiting the craft to start. Diamonds are transformed into brilliant creations in the Shimansky diamond workshop by our skilled diamond cutters and polishers.

From shaping the metal, filing, polishing, soldering, drawing wires to diamond and gemstone setting, beautifully designed & crafted jewelry is brought to life.

Art Form

Every Shimansky creation is a miniature work of art that reflects the person who wears the jewelry, adding magic and joy to life.

Admired for its beauty, unique design language and endless energy, where design lines are artfully balanced allowing shadows and light to elegantly glide in harmony from every angle.

An expression of who you are, every jewelry creation is an addition and a testimony that communicates you in a unique way. The real art of jewelry is realized by its new owner.

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"The true value of a Shimansky creation is only realized when it is worn by the person it is meant for"

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