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The Beginning

The Shimansky story began in 1991, when founder and CEO, Yair Shimansky, arrived in South Africa after spending two years in Japan. The time spent in Japan served not only as a rite of passage into the world of diamonds and jewellery, but also as a major learning curve. It was here that he studied the science of light & optics in diamonds and where the Japanese culture of perfection made a life-long impression on him. Having learnt the intricacies of diamond qualities and the importance of cut and proportion, he was armed with a unique perspective on diamonds.

Upon his arrival in South Africa, Shimansky started designing and crafting jewellery which he sold at a craft market for one year before opening a small outlet in a popular shopping mall. This lead to the opening of the first Shimansky boutique store in 1994.

CEO Yair Shimansky closely inspecting a diamond.

The Journey

In the early days, Yair Shimansky was fascinated by the power of diamonds. The sparkling gems and their store of value was intriguing and mesmerizing. After few years of buying polished diamonds from local dealers, he was unsatisfied with the quality of the diamonds cut and polished. In 1998 Shimansky decided to travel to the diamond mines in Kimberley, South Africa, and buy rough diamonds directly from the mines. The first batch of diamonds was given to a local polisher who polished the diamonds for weight gain and not to maximize their brilliance. This is when Shimansky decided to enter the world of diamond cutting and polishing and setup the first Shimansky diamond polishing workshop in 1999, unique among jewelers to this day.

Shimansky is licensed to buy rough diamonds directly from South African mines. Each Shimansky diamond is cut and polished in-house to realize its full potential

Shimansky Jewellery Store in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

The Platinum King

Shimansky’s love affair with platinum started in the early 1990’s during a business trip to the USA. Despite the fact that South Africa produces 80% of the world’s platinum, platinum jewellery was rarely available. Being the preferred metal for diamond jewellery, Shimansky took on the challenge and task to pioneer the platinum jewellery manufacturing in South Africa. By using traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology and techniques available, he earned the title ‘The Platinum King’.

With 27 years of experience in platinum jewellery, Shimansky delivers the highest standard and craftsmanship in platinum jewellery.

Shimansky's signature Millennium collection diamond ring and earrings

Design & Innovation

Respected world-wide for innovative design and superior artistry, Shimansky has become one of the most recognized and revered jewellery brands in South Africa with several jewellery design patents, and international diamond cut patents. The My Girl diamond cut which was patented in 2003, was the first South African diamond cut patent in the world, with the perfect balance of fire, brilliance and scintillation.

Shimansky’s most iconic design to date is the Millennium Diamond Ring that became the brand’s symbol of contemporary, minimalistic design.

With the constant pursuit of perfection and innovation as part of the company’s DNA, new designs and collections are continuously being created for customers around the world.

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Historical image of a man inspecting and sorting rough diamonds at the Kimberly Mine

The Diamond Museum

Established in 1999, The Cape Town Diamond Museum is a tribute to the role South Africa had in the world of diamonds. Created by Shimansky with original specimens and artifacts that are dated up to 4 billion years. These were accumulated during the many trips to Kimberly where the big diamond rush began in 1867, which led to the discovery of the big hole. The museum also displays exact replicas of the world's most famous diamonds. The museum is a great place where visitors can experience the history of South African diamonds first hand and as well as the unique journey of a diamond from rough to finished.

In 2017 Shimansky created the essence of the South African diamond experience in the Shimansky showroom located on 5th avenue in New York.

Cape Town Diamond Museum
Shimansky Jewellery Store New York

A Unique Shopping Experience

Whether you are visiting beautiful Cape Town or vibrant New York, the Shimansky shopping experience is unique in every way. From a personalized guided tour that educates and inspires any diamond and jewellery lover, to a wide array of unique Shimansky jewellery designs, sparkling diamonds and dazzling tanzanite. You are spoilt for choice. If your heart desires a one-of-a-kind creation just for you, the Shimansky team will design and craft a unique creation within your budget and beyond your expectations.

When visiting the Shimansky Cape Town or New York showrooms, advanced booking is recommended.

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The true value of a Shimansky jewellery creation is only realized when it is worn by the person it is meant for.

Interior of the Shimansky Diamond Experience at the Rockwell Hotel, Cape Town

The House of Shimansky

Crafting beautiful jewellery since 1991, Shimansky established itself as a world leader in jewellery design and innovation, specializing in contemporary design in platinum and diamonds. The House of Shimansky is located in Greenpoint - Cape Town, South Africa - where visitors can experience the Shimansky brand first hand by attending the unique diamond tour and witnessing diamond cutting and polishing, jewellery manufacturing as well as browse through a wide selection of jewellery creations while enjoying complementary African wine in a relaxed luxurious shopping environment.

Shimansky Diamond Experience
Assortment of Shimansky Signature Diamond and Tanzanite rings