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Exclusive Shimansky Tanzanite and Diamond pendant

The most beautiful tanzanite in the world

A Shimansky Tanzanite

When looking to purchase Tanzanite jewellery or customize your own creation, Shimansky Tanzanite are the best in the world. With over 25 years’ experience, only the top colors are selected, then cut and polished into flawless gems with even color distribution and vibrancy rarely seen.

We are able to cut and polish any shape and size you desire. Each gem is inspected under our strict standards and expertise making sure your tanzanite is as beautiful as it can be.

Mount Kilimanjaro with a giraffe walking through the grass

Uniquely African

Formed in metamorphic rocks, mined only in one place in the world, a 2.5-3 mile stretch of land in the Merelani hills in the Manyara region in Tanzania at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

A unique African gemstone that is vibrant and energetic, containing the true spirit of Africa wherever you are. Tanzanite geology is so unique that the chances of tanzanite occurring elsewhere in the world are unlikely.

Shimansky Rough Tanzanite Stones

From rough to polished

Shimansky hand selects the top-quality Tanzanite gems in the world from the best rough stones unearthed by the Masai artisanal miners in Block D, known to contain the highest quality rough gems. With firsthand selection of the best vivid blue and vibrant violent flawless rough, then polished into the very best quality Tanzanite in the world.

Shimansky shaped and cut Tanzanite

Shaping beauty

From the classic round brilliant cut, trilliant, oval to a romantic heart shape Tanzanite, Shimansky cut and polish any shape you desire. Ranging from 1ct up to 100ct, to be set in a unique jewellery design of your choice or as an investment gem for your collection.

The most important factor in gemstones is the color and its even distribution that can only be achieved through the art of rough planning, cutting, and polishing that maximizes the gemstone's full potential.

World's Best Tanzanite

It is our promise that the Shimansky Tanzanite is the best in the world for their color, quality of the cut and polish and vibrancy, each tanzanite is hand selected inspected before and after being set into the jewellery creation with quality assurance every step of the way, making the Shimansky Tanzanite in a league of their own, your eyes will see the difference instantly.

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Shimansky Exclusive Ayanda Tanzanite Ring

Shimansky is licensed to buy rough diamonds directly from South African mines. Each Shimansky diamond is cut and polished in-house to realise its full potential.