Look at the stars, what do you see? South of the equator, the night skies are illuminated by some of the brightest stars in the galaxy, the Southern Cross. Containing diamonds older than the constellation they represent, the wonder of this shining star formation is perfectly captured in the Southern Cross collection, exclusive to Shimansky. Inspired by the African continent and its infinite beauty, each piece in this dazzling collection is made from the finest white, yellow or rose gold, hand-selected and expertly cut Ayanda Tanzanite gemstones and round, brilliant-cut white and black diamonds that have been ethically mined in South Africa.

Mariners, explorers and inhabitants of the southern hemisphere have long looked to the Southern Cross for guidance and safety. The symbolic interpretation of this notion is celebrated with this stunning and exclusive sculptural collection. The presence of Tanzanite in many of the designs is all the more stirring since this precious gem is rarer than diamonds and is found in only one small area of Tanzania. Since it is a limited resource, Tanzanite is an undeniably excellent choice as a jewellery investment and its marriage with locally mined and cut white and black diamonds makes it more meaningful. The Shimansky Southern Cross collection is imbued with meaning, its rings and pendants bear iconic qualities and it honours everyone's endless fascination with the beauty of the night sky, especially over Africa. Discover more about the historical significance of the Southern Cross.

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