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Evolym Diamond Ring 0.70 Carat | 18K Yellow Gold

Sale priceZAR 57,500

The words "My Love" written in reverse, this exclusive Shimansky design is a beautiful representation of your undying love and affection. Elegant and sophisticated, the breath-taking Evolym Diamond Engagement Ring has a unique setting that allows the diamond to radiate the utmost brilliance because of its 360 degree exposure to light. From the side, the diamond is visible all the way from its surface, down to its culet: a one-of-a-kind setting. Set with three bands holding the diamond in place, it has a "floating" appearance, yet is firmly secure. With this design, the diamond gets maximum exposure, and the brilliance of the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond is maximised, revealing its true potential.

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Evolym Diamond Ring 0.70 Carat | 18K Yellow Gold - SHIMANSKY.CO.ZA
Evolym Diamond Ring 0.70 Carat | 18K Yellow Gold Sale priceZAR 57,500