Top 10 Jewellery Items To Express Yourself

Designer diamond jewellery evokes a powerful, deep-rooted sense of happiness in us all. Crafted with flair, jewellery can become a beautiful extension of who you are. It expresses your personality, taste and style; but it can be just as lovely to portray your mood. If you’re feeling romantic and whimsical, wear a delicate heart-shaped pendant necklace. Feeling outrageous and confident? Consider a statement ring or a bold pair of earrings.

10 Jewellery Items To Express Yourself | Shimansky

We have put together our top 10 jewellery pieces, each crafted with a distinct look and feel to reflect your mood and style. Whether you want to express yourself with an iconic, classic piece or a playful diamond creation we have a variety of unique designs to suit all personalities and moods.

Express yourself with a beautiful designer diamond jor tanzanite creation. Visit a Shimansky showroom to view our collection of dazzling women’s jewellery.

1. Glamorous And Gorgeous

Whether matched with a designer gown on the red carpet, paired with a classic black number, or worn with your favourite pair of heels and jeans, the Triple Row Full Eternity Ring is designed to bring out your glamorous side. Three rows of Shimansky My Girl diamonds, weighing 4.36ct in total, are beautifully set in 18K white gold. Creating an almost blinding display of shimmering light, this dazzling creation sparkles with every move you make. Bring out your extravagant side with this glitzy creation.

10 Jewellery Items To Express Yourself | Shimansky

2. Romantic And Whimsical

Romance, passion, love. It’s a driving force that inspires and stirs us all. Celebrate your dreamy, whimsical side with a romantic Starlight Heart Shape Diamond Pendant. Adorned with 69 round brilliant cut micro set diamonds totalling 0.69ct set in a shimmering 18K rose gold, this magical creation will steal your heart, and perhaps stir up a special memory with a loved one.

10 Jewellery Items To Express Yourself | Shimansky

3. Bright And Cheerful

Feeling playful? Give life to your jovial side with a pair of Star Burst Diamond Earrings. These outrageously fun Fancy Yellow diamond creations are designed to complement the spirited woman. They are perfect to add a pop of colour to your look – whether for a daytime adventure or an evening affair. Meticulously crafted with 0.55ct baguette diamonds tube set in 18K white gold, these earrings will instantly brighten your mood.

10 Jewellery Items To Express Yourself | Shimansky

4. Adventurous And Bold

Feeling adventurous? Dare to stand out with a one-of-a-kind design that is uniquely crafted to draw attention. The Silhouette Single Shank RingSilhouette Single Shank Ring is artfully designed with a 1.13ct round brilliant cut diamond that appears to float next to an elegantly curved 18K rose gold band. This extraordinary creation, which is exclusive to Shimansky, deserves a second look.

10 Jewellery Items To Express Yourself | Shimansky

5. Sophisticated And Stylish

Sophistication is brought to life when forward-thinking design meets exquisite materials – precious 18K white gold and a flawless 0.90ct round brilliant cut diamond. The Millennium Diamond Pendant is a world-renowned, signature Shimansky creation that draws the eye with aesthetic, contemporary lines. Designed for the stylish woman who is poised and always in control – this superior design is unparalleled in beauty. It can be crafted with a hand-selected Shimansky diamond of your choice.

10 Jewellery Items To Express Yourself | Shimansky

6. Mysterious and Enigmatic

Like the mysterious, enigmatic woman, tanzanite is enchantingly beautiful. The rarest gemstone on the planet, with only one source known to humankind, tanzanite has a mystifying splendour that is only revealed by the hands of the most skilful of cutter. Only when the rough stone takes shape in facets, its deep royal blue shades and violet-red hues are revealed. Discover the many hidden secrets of this alluring gem. Express your sensuality with a pair of Tanzanite Drop Earrings masterly set with pear and round shaped tanzanite gemstones weighing 8.20ct in total.

10 Jewellery Items To Express Yourself | Shimansky

7. Sentimental and Symbolic

The infinite has been pondered since the time of Greek philosopher Archimedes – and now, it has taken shape in a beautiful Shimansky creation. The Infinity Classic Pavé Ring symbolises endless love and everlasting memories, the perfect accessory for a sentimental mood. The individual, double and treble bands intertwine in an endless loop, which are made complete with the most timeless of gemstones – magnificent South African diamonds. The Infinity Classic Pavé Ring, available in classic yellow gold, contemporary rose gold and elegant white gold, is set with 77 round diamonds with a total weight of 0.99ct.

10 Jewellery Items To Express Yourself | Shimansky

8. Classic and Clean

There are few jewellery pieces that match the classic elegance of a diamond tennis necklace. This clean, minimalistic design has been a favourite among celebrities and royals for decades and still ranks as one of the most timeless of diamond creations. Crafted with My Girl diamonds weighing 20.65ct in total beautifully set in 18K white gold, the Shimansky My Girl Diamond Tennis Necklace is the epitome of class and style. This design is available from 5.00ct and can be manufactured in platinum and 18K gold.

10 Jewellery Items To Express Yourself | Shimansky

9. Confident and Fearless

Make a statement with Fancy Yellow diamonds totalling 4.01ct. Shining as brightly as the golden African sun, Fancy Yellow diamonds are considered one of Earth’s most magnificent and rare wonders. The breath-taking, bold Double Row Half Eternity Ring is crafted for the woman who demands to be noticed. She’s confident and fearless. Express your inner strength with the strongest stone known to humankind in the shade of our galaxy’s life-giving star.

10 Jewellery Items To Express Yourself | Shimansky

10. Beautiful and Graceful

Sometimes, less is more and true beauty shines through strongest in a fine, delicate design. The dainty rose gold Micro Set Diamond Band is crafted to accentuate your femininity with an elegant design that showcases meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Add a subtle touch of elegance to your look with this slender shimmering band and proudly showcase your graceful side.

Find a Piece that Expresses Your Style and Mood

Whether you are feeling adventurous, glamorous, or fearless Shimansky has a special creation that will speak to your heart. Express your unique personality and style with a spectacular piece from the Shimansky showroom. We have an iconic selection of rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets – each crafted to perfection by the hands of our expert jewellery designers. We invite you to feast your eyes on our designer diamond jewellery and tanzanite collections. Visit a Shimansky showroom near you and browse our selection of signature designer jewellery. Alternatively, if you have something unique in mind, you are welcome to design your own bespoke piece in collaboration with a Shimansky jewellery designer.