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Having picked out the perfect outfit, take time to pick out the perfect jewellery to go along with it. Look beyond the style of the dress and consider what jewellery to wear with what fabric dress. By coordinating the fabric and accessories, you will be able to put together a seamless look for any occasion.


 Jewellery Shines with The Right Fabric Dress | Shimansky




Lace was a standout fabric on spring/summer 2019 runways and is the perfect complement to the ultra-feminine trend that remains so popular. If you’re looking for an updated lace look, coloured lace is a hot trend right now so choose bright red, yellow, blue or pink instead of the more classic black and white. Coloured lace makes a bold statement and is great match for a statement piece of jewellery, but only one to avoid fussiness. A glitzy cocktail ring or chandelier earrings would be just the thing for an eye-catching look. For example, if you’re wondering what jewellery to wear with a red lace dress, a contemporary-classic tanzanite ring in rose gold would be the perfect match. The brilliant blue of the tanzanite is a stunning contrast to the red and the warm tones of rose gold pair beautifully with the warmth of red.

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Shimansky Tanzanite Millennium rose gold ring


From bold leopard prints to tiger and zebra, animal prints were seen on the 2019 runways and are proving very popular on the streets of fashion capitals. Simple jewellery is the go-to for busy patterns and prints. Large items can distract from the print or create visual chaos. Instead, pick out solid pieces and this is definitely a case of less is more. A gold ring in a modern shape is our pick for an outfit on the wild side.


Shimansky rose gold ring on print background



Chic leather looks are popular season after season, from leather jackets and tops to leather skirts and pants. Leather adds a little edge to any outfit and is an extremely versatile fabric. A leather little black dress is a glamourous choice for a date night or a night out with the girls. When choosing what jewellery to wear with a leather dress there are two opposite but equally stylish choices. Firstly, you might opt for rocker girl details such as studs or items with a similar tough vibe. A pair of white gold diamond earrings in a contemporary design is on point. On the other hand, you can change up the look with beautiful accessories, such as a heart shaped diamond pendant on a dainty gold chain.


Shimansky Millennium diamond earrings with a woman waering a leather jacket in the background



Winter or cold weather brings with it layers of clothes, from jerseys and parkas to hats and scarves. An elongated necklace with a locket or a long chain would both be great choices with winter knits. Longer chains avoid competing with winter scarves or hats around your face and are a harmonious accessory to crewnecks, turtlenecks or long cardigans. One or two larger statement rings will complete your look - choose coloured gems that add a pop of bright colour to a winter-like wardrobe that is predominantly black and grey. This Untamed Panther ring set with pink sapphires and diamonds would be a standout choice. With long sleeves, a modern take on the bracelet is a wide cuff or bangle pushed up over your sweater sleeve. These statement pieces are flawlessly complemented with a simple pair of diamond studs as the earring of choice.


Shimansky panther diamond ring with woman wearing cashmere/wool



As many people embrace simplicity and endeavour to move back to basics, natural fabrics are a prominent trend for 2020 and beyond. These fabrics include raw cotton, denim, and natural linen. Natural textiles are usually used to create rustic, country dresses with laidback appeal. The craftsmanship and easy elegance conveyed by these dresses should be reflected by modern, simple pieces of jewellery. A well-chosen piece would be the True North pendant and chain, a modern piece that draws from our surroundings with the simple interpretation of points on a compass. Similarly, jewellery that has been inspired by nature is also a natural fit such as a pretty pair of flower diamond earrings.


Shimansky diamond earrings with clothes on hangers in the background



Embellished details are used to great effect by dress designers. Be it stitched, ruffled, beaded, pleated or embroidered, such techniques elevate the interest and allure of the fabric. An embellished dress makes a statement of its own, so the trick is to select jewellery that subtly enhance the beautiful detailing as opposed to competing for attention. A classic four-claw setting diamond ring is timeless choice that shines in the background of these dramatic fashion moments.


Shimansky diamond ring with female model in the background



Denim is a perennial favourite around the world. Current trends for denim include patchwork or colour-blocked pieces and bleached out washes with a lived-in look. Wearing denim items from jeans to denim dresses remains a casual look and is the perfect opportunity to wear fun coloured gemstones. A casual denim look is a great canvas for a fun jewellery statement – a big coloured gemstone ring, a chunky bracelet in a fun colour or unexpected texture, dangling earrings with a bit of fun to the design. These drop earrings with yellow diamonds would definitely up the glamour of any denim look. If you’re throwing on a denim jacket add some extra fashion to your outfit by layering a bold statement necklace over your top, a bright necklace would be a great choice.


Shimansky Fancy yellow drop earrings with blonde woman wearing a denim jacket in the background



Chiffon and organza are dreamy, ethereal fabrics often used to make evening gowns due to the elegant drapes and exquisite femininity. These lightweight, transparent fabrics are beautiful backdrops for show-stopping jewellery. For an ultra-glamourous look consider bright gems, which can lift your outfit; pick a shade that brings out the best in your colouring and that of the dress. For a classic and elegant evening look, a chiffon or organza evening dress is a stunning canvas for designer diamond jewellery. Pick one statement piece and pair it with subtle complementary pieces. Beautiful diamond drop earrings, a classic solitaire diamond pendant, or a classic halo ring set with brilliant cut diamonds are impeccable choices for a red carpet ready look.


Outfit with Shimansky jewellery in the foreground



Athleisure as the new casualwear is a trend that continues to gain momentum as people demand comfortable, practical clothes that suit our busy lives. Athleisure turns performance wear into everyday wear, bringing form and function together using fabrics such as spandex and Tencel. Taking active wear out of the gym means choosing the right accessories; and jewellery will add the perfect street style touch to your athleisure look; just keep it simple with a pair of emerald cut stud earrings or a plain platinum band ring.


Shimansky wedding band with shimansky diamond earrings with active woman in the background



Current fabric trends in the fashion world include tweed, a cosy material long used by Chanel and now by many other major names in fashion. Tweed is a woollen material woven to create plain, twill, herringbone and check patterns. Designers have reworked this classic textile into smart skirt suits and romantic dresses. You may be wondering what jewellery to pair with this fabric and we suggest something unexpected to bring the look right up to date. This Southern Cross pendant featuring tanzanite would be an exquisite match for a tweed dress that has blue woven into the fabric.


Shimansky Tanzanite Southern Cross pendant next to a woman wearing a fashionable tweed jacket



Designers are giving us a look into the future on this year’s runways, which featured metallic foil fabric, high-shine materials, iridescent textiles and holographic designs. Sequins are a classic high-shine favourite for the festive season yet are now perfectly acceptable year-round. Add extra sparkle to a high-shine sequin dress by pairing it with shimmering jewellery that adds even more shine, such as these dazzling three stone diamond graduating drop earrings.


Shimansky drop diamond earrings



Velvet is known and loved for being soft to the touch and for its luxurious look. Recent runways showcased a ‘90s revival, which brought velvet back on trend. An elegant velvet dress is a standout party look with a romantic vibe and the darker jewel tones of this fabric are a beautiful backdrop for designer diamond jewellery designer diamond jewellery. For a sophisticated look choose contemporary jewellery to pair with a velvet dress, such as diamond earrings.


Shimansky diamond earrings next to a woman wearing a stylish velvet dress

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