Discover the unique and undeniably eye-catching Caesar Diamond Ring collection exclusive to Shimansky. The beautiful Caesar Diamond Ring collection embraces the strength and might of the Roman Empire and arguably its most famed emperor Julius Caesar. Leading members of Ancient Roman society wore precious gem-studded rings as a symbol of their power and influence and this collection reflects much of the strong influence the empire had on history. Privileged Ancient Romans had an abiding love for yellow gold and precious gemstones in everything from necklaces to earrings and rings and many of their designs and even techniques continue to inspire 21st-century jewellers. The simple yet strong design of each of these historically-influenced rings in this collection has enormous appeal for women looking for something that speaks of strength and individuality.

Both classic and elegant, the timeless design of The Caesar Diamond Collection is perfectly suited to the modern woman who is proud to make a statement with jewellery. The collection features a variety of magnificent rings created using a striking combination of ethically mined South African 18K yellow gold and expert cut bezel set round brilliant cut diamonds. Loved for centuries, yellow gold remains a timeless choice for rings and its use in the Caesar Collection ensures each of these rings has heirloom-in-the-making status. Whether worn on their own or teamed with other precious metals and gem rings, there is no doubt that any of the rings from the Caesar Diamond Ring collection will make an indelible impression. Learn more about the Shimansky Caesar Collection.

  • 18K Yellow Gold
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