From celebrating the first year of marriage to a momentous 60th wedding anniversary, Shimansky diamond anniversary rings symbolise the partnership of marriage in a love that lasts forever. Celebrate every milestone with anniversary eternity rings in half eternity and full eternity diamond designs.

For each year that passes your love grows stronger together. Celebrate the precious moment and treasure the feeling forever. Shimansky anniversary eternity rings are a beautiful token of your love, a symbol of the unbreakable bonds built through marriage, the happy memories created over the years together and the infinite promise of future dreams shared. Any wedding anniversary is a major milestone and to celebrate it and honour the one you love with a stunning diamond or Tanzanite ring from Shimansky is certainly a spoil that will never be forgotten. What takes a diamond ring to a priceless piece of sentimental jewellery passed down from one generation to the next? It’s the story of course, and an anniversary ring is an honouring of the unique love story between a couple.

Whether you or your significant other are looking for a diamond, tanzanite or fancy yellow creation, there’s an anniversary ring that will perfectly suit any unique personality. Shimansky’s wide variety of eternity rings, from half bands to full bands as well as double and triple row bands, ensures there is a design for each anniversary, to mark one or twenty years together. From channel settings to claw settings and Shimansky’s patented My Girl diamond, there is a world of exclusive and elegant eternity band choices at Shimansky. Explore the story about Shimansky Anniversary Jewellery.

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  • Half Eternity
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