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The Historical Infinity Symbol

The everlasting

The Infinity Collection

Shimansky’s Infinity Collection celebrates endless love and everlasting memories with a wide variety of innovative rings in classic yellow gold, contemporary rose gold and elegant white gold. A beautiful choice for an anniversary gift, promise ring, push present or self purchase - the Infinity Ring collections’ individual, double and treble bands intertwine in an endless loop, with the option to complement the infinite with the most timeless of gemstones – magnificent diamonds, ethically sourced from South African mines.

The Infinity Classic Ring features an eternal wrapped infinity symbol and is available in opulent 18K yellow, rose and white gold. For an extra statement the Infinity Classic Pave Ring offers a dazzling sparkle to the design with elegant lines embellished in lavish Shimansky diamonds. To add more emphasis on everlasting and eternal love the Infinity Double Ring beautifully encapsulates this ordeal and is once more available in a mesmerising pave alternative.

The Infinity fluet ring is the ultimate motif of perpetuity, with treble bands intertwined in an incessant loop and is available in 18K timeless yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. The Infinity fluet ring is also available in a captivating design incorporating all three eye-catching golds and is undoubtedly authentic, unique and timeless. Whichever design in our Infinity collection you fall in love with, it is certain to reflect your most cherished moments and become a masterpiece that you will treasure for eternity.


The origin of the infinity symbol

The infinite has been pondered since the time of Greek philosopher Archimedes and has played a pivotal role in the conception of many subjects in science and mathematics – and now, in the expression of everlasting emotion. The sideways figure eights’ roots are deeply embedded in its ancient interpretation as the symbol of perfection, duality and empowerment. Throughout the ages this symbol has stood the test of time and has represented a wide array of concepts and ideas. From ancient Indian rituals where the symbol interpreted perfection and equilibrium between the male and female gender straight through to numerous mystical Celtic knot designs that also have no beginning or end. In fact, the Celtic knot designs draw more resemblance to the double infinity symbol and stands as a representation for double absoluteness – as does our Infinity Double Ring.

Woman's hands with the Infinity Ring on her finger

The infinity was originally known as the Lemniscate, meaning ‘ribbon’, by ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers. The idea derived from The Ouroboros, an archaic symbol depicting a serpent biting its own tail, said to interpret the infinite immortality, continuity, self-fertilisation and eternal return. In modern times, the infinity symbol that we have become accustomed to was first discovered by English mathematician John Wallis, in 1655. It was conceptualised as an explanation of mathematics and physics, referring to a quantity with no bound or resolution – an amount larger than any number. The word is derived from the Latin infinitas meaning ‘unboundedness’.

Scientologists also refer to the infinity symbol as the eighth dynamic, this being understood as the desire for eternal and infinite existence. The eighth dynamic is also frequently referred to as ‘the supreme being’ or ‘creator’ – welcoming the wholeness and endless capacity of all as they do not believe in reincarnation, but in past lives. The evolution of this symbol has led to the modern interpretation as being the advocate for endless and enduring love and devotion.

Locks on a fence showing infinite love

The infinite Shimansky promise

The Shimansky Infinity Collection offers the opportunity to celebrate an enduring relationship with our brand’s signature contemporary and elegant designs. Achieving perfection is a journey of discovery, attention to detail and craftsmanship. A journey in which only the best will do. With diamonds being formed over 3.3 billion years ago, it is our responsibility to take our time to take a diamond to its end; the step in which its true potential is revealed. Our customer is what drives us to go beyond our best. Our greatest reward resides in becoming a part of your special moments, knowing that you have selected a Shimansky creation to commemorate and celebrate life’s milestones.

It is with this collection that we honour your unique expression of eternal love and devotion with a unique Shimansky original; capture and preserve these delicate memories. Our passion is an emotional one that surpasses cut and design as there is a story behind every piece of Shimansky jewellery. It is only when a client’s unique story and life journey intertwines with a captivating Shimansky design, that true perfection is achieved. The Infinity collection holds the precious memory of the day it was received: a reminder of the joyous occasion from which it stemmed, to be enjoyed until the end of time.


The Infinity Ring Collection

Celebrate the everlasting with a design enriched with magnificent symbolic significance and meaning, the Infinity Ring Collection is sure to captivate and delight for eternity. Discover the enchanting collection at your nearest Shimansky Store.