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Shimansky Signature Millennium Collection Jewellery Rings and Pendant

The Shimansky Millenium Collection

Iconic by design

From time to time an iconic design is born out of a partnership between a visionary and a master craftsman. Not an everyday occurrence, an iconic design is one that lives well beyond a period in which it would be considered “fashionable.” A combination of innovation, technical precision and an original idea, it stands the test of time, living from one generation, to another. When a jewellery creation becomes iconic, it is highly recognised and sought-after. It comes as no surprise then, that the Shimansky Millennium Diamond Ring is one of the most recognised and coveted rings in South Africa.

A Shimansky original and patented design, the Millennium ring is as loved today as the day it was first created. It’s unmistakeable design and distinguishable features set it apart from other jewellery creations, and make it the perfect choice for the woman who wants to own a little piece of design history.

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the Shimansky Millennium Diamond ring is a truly South African creation, and the most iconic diamond ring design to emerge from our country.

Handcrafted Jewellery in the Shimansky Jewellery Workshop

Handcrafted to perfection

Designed and created by Yair Shimansky, the Millennium Diamond ring is meticulously crafted to perfection. The ring consists of two bands joined by a Shimansky diamond in the middle, representing the coming together of two lives, held together by a symbol of forever. It’s unique setting is designed in such a way that the magnificent diamond in its centre is the focus of the design.

The diamond can be seen from all angles, and despite having the appearance of a “floating” position between the two bands, it is delicately, yet firmly set to secure its position. It is available in platinum, or 18K white, yellow or rose gold, and can be customised to your liking with a range of different diamond shapes.

Women in black wearing the iconic Shimansky millennium pendant

In a complicated and cluttered world, this clean and uncluttered design is exceptionally appealing. Described as contemporary-classic, it is a modern design that, because of its simple yet memorable features, has become a classic in its own right. Elegant and graceful, the design is timeless. It does not succumb to fashion: instead, it will live on to be enjoyed for decades, and generations, to come.

This exclusive designer jewellery collection includes diamond engagement rings, matching wedding bands, earrings and pendants.

The most coveted engagement ring in South Africa, the Millennium ring is a truly remarkable artistic masterpiece. Timeless and elegant, it captures the joy of your engagement, and the promise of your marriage. A symbol of pure, everlasting love, it beautifully captures the devotion of two lives.

Woman in white wearing the iconic Shimansky Millennium collection set, earrings, pendant and ring

The brilliance of the millennium diamond collection

The Shimansky Millennium Collection features superb Shimansky diamonds in a design that emphasises the diamonds’ fire and scintillation. All focus is on the diamond, which is hand-selected from a South African mine by a Shimansky expert, and cut and polished in the Shimansky workshop in Cape Town.

The Millennium Diamond rings,earrings and pendants can be made with a variety of different diamond cuts, namely a round brilliant cut diamond, a pear shaped diamond, a marquise shaped diamond, a heart shaped diamond and an Asscher-shaped diamond. For each different diamond cut the metal bands are shaped in a unique way to securely hug the diamond and keep it in place, but also to create an attractive design suited to that particular diamond shape. Whereas the Millennium item holding a round brilliant cut diamond has straight bands, the Millenium jewellery items with pear, heart and marquise shaped diamonds have curved bands to complement the diamond and ensure its stability in the setting.

An Assortment of Shimansky Millennium Diamond Rings in White Gold

The coming together of two lives

The Millennium Collection is a testimony to your love and commitment. The art of jewellery design is not only in its form and beauty, but also in creating a symbol of love that becomes a part of you and your relationship. An engagement ring will stand the test of time, and capture the moment of your engagement in such a way that it can be re-lived throughout your life, through a simple glace at the jewellery creation.

Created for you to enjoy now, but also for the next generations to come, the Shimansky Millennium Diamond collection is the perfect reminder of the special moments in your life.

The two bands symbolise the coming together of two lives. The bands are held together by nature’s strongest and most beautiful gift, the diamond, which represents the love, passion and commitment that holds a relationship together.