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Cape Town Cable car going up Table Mountain with lions head in the background

A natural wonder

The formation of Table Mountain's iconic shape

Like a diamond, Table Mountain is known as South Africa’s greatest treasure. Admired for its incredible beauty and table-like appearance, the iconic landmark is believed to be over 260-million years old. In many ways, the Table Mountain National Park draws great similarity to that of a diamond. The majestic mountain is treasured by many and loved for its incredible beauty, which continues to amaze visitors from around the world.

Table Mountain in Cape Town with the sea

It’s no wonder the breathtakingly beautiful mountain inspired our latest one-of-kind Shimansky creation. The Table Mountain Ring design is created using the finest South African metals in the making of this ring and combining yet another natural treasure, diamonds. Here’s more fascinating facts about the Table Mountain National Park and its iconic shape:

  • Table Mountain National Park has retained its table-like appearance due to the composition of its upper cliffs, which are made of resistant Table Mountain Sandstone (TMS). TMS is formed over millennia by river-borne sediment that has compacted under its own weight and turned to stone.
  • Around 450-million years ago the mountain we see today, was below sea level during an ice age.
  • Today’s landscape, with its characteristic deep valleys, has been sculpted by prolonged erosion that has degraded the TMS covering, leaving behind residual mountain ridges.
  • At the highest points on the table top, boulders and pebbles can be found that were deposited at a time when the world was still a single continent.
Photograph opportunity point with Table Mountain in the background
  • The mountain’s top is flanked by Devil’s Peak to the east and Lion’s Head to the west. The range creates a natural backdrop to the Mother City, and, when combined with Signal Hill, forms an amphitheatre overlooking the entire City Bowl.
  • Every year, an average of over 909 000 visitors from all over the globe enjoy a trip in the Table Mountain cable car, and to date it has transported over 28-million people to appreciate its breath-taking views seen from above.
  • Now known all over the world as Table Mountain, its original name was Hoerikwaggo – “Mountain in the Sea”, given to the mountain by the indigenous Khoisan people of the Cape who believed it was a sacred place where their god (Tsui or Goab) lived.
  • The first recorded climb up Table Mountain was by Admiral Antonio de Saldanha in 1503, where the Portuguese navigator named it Taboa da Caba, meaning Table of the Cape.

The mountain gained its national park status in 1998.

In 2019, we now celebrate the 90th birthday of the Cableway, where Shimansky launches an iconic Table Mountain Ring collection in celebration of this momentous milestone for Cape Town and South Africans alike.

An assortment of Shimansky's Table Mountain diamond rings

Competing against some of the world’s major international attractions, like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Dead Sea in Israel, Table Mountain National Park became one of the official New7Wonders of Nature in 2012. The only natural wonder located in an urban area – the pride of the Cape is highly accessible for both locals and tourists to visit.

To celebrate Table Mountain National Park being named one of the new natural wonders of the world, giant yellow frames were created and placed in various areas around Cape Town as part of the New7Wonders legacy project. Each structure frames a different perspective of the Mother City’s most famous attraction, encouraging visitors to stop and take a photo to forever capture their memories.

Treasured Memories

Treasure the hope, promise and memories of the African continent with you wherever you go. Africa is known for its rich and diverse culture, its extraordinary natural wonders and for the incredible gifts from deep inside the earth - gold and precious diamonds.

The unique Table Mountain Ring collection by Shimansky is a precious metal and diamond creation that harnesses the power and presence of the Cape Town phenomenon that is Table Mountain and transforms it into a wearable piece of art. “The collection enables locals and visitors to take home their treasured memory of our much-loved Table Mountain, enshrined in a ring,” says CEO & Founder, Yair Shimansky.

The iconic silhouette of Table Mountain inspired the design and the hero piece is the pavé 14k gold ring housing twenty-seven diamonds, intricately tracing the outline of the mountain. The ring is also available in 14k white, yellow or rose gold bands, each of which can further be augmented with a round brilliant cut, ethically sourced South African diamond positioned in a swiss setting to represent the Table Mountain Cableway.

This timeless design is perfect to commemorate many accolades in life – such as an anniversary, a proposal or an unforgettable trip to Cape Town that will forever capture your heart. Be reminded of these treasured memories with every glance at your finger adorned in this carefully handcrafted Shimansky original.

You can purchase your very own iconic Table Mountain Ring at selected Shimansky stores, find your nearest showroom here.