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Man in suite wearing the Shimansky's Max-Line men's wedding ring

A Shimansky Exclusive

Max-Line collection

Mens wedding bands have come a long way since the traditional plain yellow gold rings that were popular in previous decades. Today, wedding bands are available in a wide range of designs, metals and finishes. Men are able to personalise their wedding band, and express their personality and style through its design, allowing them to be as varied as the designs worn by women.

The perfect men’s wedding band represents a lifetime of love and devotion. Worn as a symbol of the lifelong promise of commitment made on your wedding day, your wedding band serves as a daily reminder of your pledge of eternity.

Finding the perfect design for you, that not only matches your style, but also conjures up the memory of the happiest day of your life, is a journey both exciting, and fascinating.

An assortment of the Shimansky Max-Line Rings and wedding bands on a stand

The perfect metal for the perfect ring

Shimansky’s Max-Line collection is a range of men's wedding bands that are made from palladium, one of the most durable metals found in nature. Palladium is a rare precious metal that resembles platinum, and is part of the platinum-group of metals.

This luxurious white metal is extremely hardwearing, yet incredibly lightweight. One of the scarcest metals in the world, it is the perfect choice for a wedding band. Just like your love, it will last forever. It requires little to no maintenance. Palladium is hypoallergenic, and does not react with oil, skin or air. It is resistant to corrosion, oxidation and tarnishing, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Extremely affordable, palladium is gaining popularity worldwide, and is becoming a favoured choice for mens jewellery creations. Unlike white gold that needs regular rhodium plating to keep it looking its best, palladium does not require plating, and will retain its lustre for a lifetime.

The Forever Promise

A life-long memory

The Shimansky Max-Line collection is perfect for all men who love to work hard, play hard, and enjoy the great outdoors. Extremely durable, the palladium wedding bands in the Max-Line collection won’t corrode or tarnish, and require little to no maintenance. They are perfect to be worn every day, and with such a large variety of styles, designs and shapes, there is wedding band to suit every need and desire.

Created to be enjoyed for a lifetime, the Shimansky Max-Line collection for men allows you to find a ring as unique and special as you are.

An assortment of the Shimansky Max-Line wedding bands

Selecting your Shimansky Max-line wedding band

The stunning Shimansky Max-Line Wedding Band Collection features unique mens wedding bands, in a variety of designs to choose from. Made from 95% pure palladium, these wedding bands have a unique lustre that differentiates them from other precious metals. They have a much higher pure metal content than the current content of 75% pure gold in 18K gold jewellery creations.

Man in luxury car wearing the Shimansky Max-line palladium wedding band

The exclusive Shimansky Max-Line collection offers wedding bands with or without diamonds. Because of palladium’s strength, it is the perfect metal to hold gems in place. There are a wide variety of finishes to choose from: whether you prefer a matte, hammered, brushed or a shiny finish, you’ll find a texture you love within the Max-Line wedding bands for him collection.

Traditionally, mens wedding bands have a plain design, but this is rapidly changing. Just like every woman has her own unique preference, and there are hundreds of designs for engagement and wedding rings for her, Shimansky creates various designs for mens wedding rings, to cater to different tastes. With a diamond wedding band, you can choose between different sizes of diamonds, as well as the number of diamonds in the band. In addition to plain bands, there are also grooved, concave, round and flat options, amongst others. With the Max-Line palladium rings for men collection, you are spoilt for choice, and will find a diverse collection of designs on offer.

If you don’t find your perfect wedding band within the Max-Line collection, our designers and manufacturing team will work with you to custom-create your ideal design.

The option of having a personalised message laser-engraved on the inside of the band allows you to personalise your wedding band with the date of your wedding, your and your partners’ initials, or whatever message your heart desires.

The Shimansky Max-Line Trio Diamond Wedding Band in Platinum

The perfect fit

Sometimes, men who have never worn a ring before find the presence of a wedding band on their finger an unfamiliar feeling. The Max-Line collection is available in a variety of different fits, allowing you to choose one that sits the most comfortably on your finger. Comfort Fit wedding bands are crafted using extra metal, making the inside of the band slightly domed. Many men consider this the most comfortable fit, as this shape slides over the knuckle easily, and with minimal effort.

Standard Fit bands have a flat interior. With all the different shapes available, there is a perfect fit for everyone.