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The essence of beauty, the My Girl diamond is the realisation of a dream to create a perfectly balanced diamond with the ultimate combination of fire, brilliance and scintillation.

This original, eight-sided, square cut diamond was designed by Yair Shimansky after three years of intense research and development, and carries an international patent for its cut and design – the first to originate from South Africa. It is renowned both for its beauty, and for the originality of its cut and design.

A diamond’s beauty is influenced by various elements, the most important of which is arguably, the way in which it reflects light. The light that enters the diamond can exit it in various ways, depending on its cut and its various facets. To achieve true beauty, a diamond must return the maximum amount of light, thereby creating an intense sparkle.

The My Girl diamond is the world’s first square cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table. The cut requires an experienced and skilful eye, careful analysis and scientific precision from a master diamond cutter. Unlike a Square cut diamond with sharp corners, the My Girl has four sides with cut corners.

This makes it ideal for jewellery setting, as sharp corners are often susceptible to chipping, and require special care. Because the My Girl diamond’s corners are cut, they do not pull darker colour through the stone (making it appear darker in colour than it is), and the body colour of the My Girl diamond is thus evenly distributed through the stone.  

Shimansky is at the forefront of using the latest specialist diamond technology combined with locally skilled diamond polishers and cutters to perfectly finish their diamond cuts. It is this technology combined with the artistic knowledge of a master cutter that has been used to create the exclusive My Girl cut.

A true reflection of romance and a symbol of undying love, the My Girl diamond’s beauty lies beyond words. Just like the woman of your dreams, it is one-of-a-kind, and has a spellbinding effect on all who gaze upon it. Its design was inspired by romance and beauty, and the rewarding journey of finding the woman of your dreams. The journey of discovering your perfect My Girl diamond is as unique and fulfilling as your love, and should be a personal experience that is both thrilling, and emotionally-rewarding. 

What makes the My Girl diamond unique is that it can only be cut from a ‘crystal’ shaped rough diamond, which in its natural form, resembles two joined pyramids and is exceptionally rare in nature. Up to half of the rough stone is sacrificed in order to achieve the My Girl cut. Because of the scarcity of the crystal-shaped rough stone, the My Girl diamond is extremely rare. A true South African treasure, admired from all over the world, the My Girl diamond’s unique features and eye-catching shape has secured its reputation as one of the world’s most coveted and distinctive diamond cuts.

Unlike other diamond cuts that reflect light from the top of the stone only, the My Girl diamond reflects light when viewed from any angle, creating brilliance and sparkle with every move you make. Its ability to reflect light from any angle does not only set it apart from other diamond cuts, but it also creates a dance of light, resulting in a sparkle unlike any other. It offers the perfect balance of fire, brilliance and scintillation. The effect is both magnetising and captivating. The Shimansky My Girl diamond’s hypnotic effect symbolises an undying love and commitment between two people, and is the ultimate representation of a lifetime of being in love.


Delicately set in the purest of precious metals including platinum, and 18K white, yellow and rose gold, the My Girl diamond is the perfect choice for a contemporary engagement ring and wedding band set. It is also available in pendants, earrings, bracelets and neck pieces. The My Girl diamond jewellery collection offers classic-contemporary designs that exude romance, devotion and the feeling of being in love.

As mesmerizing as the woman who wears it, the My Girl diamond is the perfect choice for the woman who exudes elegance. Her personality is as sparkling as the diamond itself, and her timeless sense of style is reflected in her choice of My Girl diamond jewellery.