Why you should get engaged on Table Mountain

1. Like your love, the mountain is one-of-a-kind

You want your proposal to be memorable, so getting down on one knee on this iconic mountain, often referred to as the 7th wonder of nature, is undeniably a way to make the moment unforgettable.

Discover Useful Tips To Propose On Table Mountain

2. Table Mountain is the best spot to capture the moment

Why you should get engaged on Table Mountain

The World Heritage Site makes for a beautiful backdrop for your engagement photos, as do the signature mountain rocks. A sunset proposal will elevate these features (and yours) with a soft (flattering) light. Plus, you'll be over a thousand meters above sea level. Can you image the beautiful view from the top?

Here are a few ideas for getting the most romantic picture:

  • Walk to the eastern edge of the plateau where you’ll find Maclear’s Beacon, the highest point of the mountain – a full 19 metres higher than the cable station. This is where you can get 360-degree views of Table Mountain.
  • One of the best locations can be found nearby the café. Here you will encounter beautiful views over Camps Bay beach. Hold your finger featuring your new diamond engagement ring over the vista and take your picture. This will be a ‘ring selfie’ like no other. Discover more useful tips on how to perfectly capture your engagement ring on Table Mountain here.
  • If you’ve never taken the cable car up Table Mountain, you won’t have experienced the dramatic last few seconds as the carriage moves towards the station at the top. The setting makes for a great couple shot and 360-degree views as it rotates.

3. There’s something magical about the World Heritage Site

Why you should get engaged on Table Mountain

The mountain is over 240 million years old. Practitioners that work with energy healing believe that Table Mountain is one of the world’s primary energy centres and can radiate electric or spiritual energy. In particular, the energy emitted from Table Mountain is a nurturing one.

There is another theory that thinking positively while in a place of earth energy sends out a healing vibe to the world. With all these beautiful vibrations surrounding you, it can only be a positive thing to start your journey as a couple together here.

4. Table Mountain is memorable

Why you should get engaged on Table Mountain

The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway reach the summit in less than five minutes, rotating through 360 degrees as you ascend and descend. Considering the dramatic photographs you can capture on Table Mountain, and the fact that you are located in a national park, it's incredible to think you can access the World Heritage Site without driving for hours to seek out a remote spot to get engaged.

Book your tickets online before you arrive to prevent you from waiting to buy them on site. This will save you considerable time. It opens early (08h30), so get there early to be at the front of the queue.

5. You can create an engagement anniversary tradition

Why you should get engaged on Table Mountain

When you get engaged on Table Mountain, you can guarantee you'll never forget where the special moment took place. Return year after year to mark the occasion. One thing that's for sure is that you will never tire of summiting the mountain. Every day the view changes depending on the weather, light, and activity below. Commemorate the special moment of your proposal with a Table Mountain Ring and become a proud ambassador of the iconic mountain.

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Why you should get engaged on Table Mountain

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