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There are certain things every woman should own. This is especially true when it comes to jewellery. Whether you are dressing for the office or glamming up for a glitzy event, a few little accent jewellery pieces will transform your look. These are the must-have jewellery pieces every woman should own.

From timeless and classic jewellery to dazzling statement jewellery, Shimansky has a wide selection of iconic tanzanite and diamond creations for every occasion, day or night. We invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky showroom and browse our selection of must-have rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.


Woman wearing My Girl ring and earrings



The perfect necklace is more than the last missing piece to complete an outfit; it is the focal point that seductively draws attention to the collarbone, mesmerising its onlookers with fire and brilliance. When it comes to the quintessential types of necklaces every woman should own, craftsmanship is one of the most important aspects to consider. The true value in a Shimansky original, is in its finer details. A necklace that is crafted with attention to detail will make a lasting impression – whether it is an elegant, understated creation in a classic design or a piece designed for dramatic splendour. When selecting must-have necklaces for your jewellery collection, consider a soft and delicate pendant necklace. Pendants are elegant and versatile and can be worn well with a plunging neckline at a fancy event, or casually as an everyday staple. Diamond necklaces are equally desirable when it comes to must-have jewellery. Diamonds are forever and a beautiful diamond necklace will prove to be essential, time and time again.


Woman wearing a Millennium pendant



Throughout history, earrings have been one of the principal forms of jewellery worn by women. Traditionally, earrings served not only as decoration, but also as a talisman – objects that were believed to hold magical properties and bring good luck to the wearer. In some cultures, large earrings were very favourable among married women to state their social status. Today, earrings are still very desirable. Women love to wear them as a way to express their identity, style and beauty. Indeed, stylish women everywhere feel naked when not wearing earrings; after all, these essential jewellery pieces most accent the facial features. Perhaps the most versatile of all ear decorations is the stud earring. Stud earrings, like Tube Set Solitaire Diamond Earrings, can be used as a backdrop for any look and add a polished feel to any outfit, whether it is a white shirt and jeans or a sensual black dress.

When it comes to must-have earrings, rarity is as important as versatility. One thousand times more rare than a diamond, tanzanite is the rarest gem known to man. The only place in the world this exquisite blue gemstone is found, is along a 4km strip of land in Tanzania. Geologists estimate that the world's only known source of tanzanite will be depleted within one generation, making it one of the most highly sought-after gems on the planet. A pair of tanzanite earrings, such as Shimansky’s contemporary-classic Millennium tanzanite earrings, will be a valuable addition to any woman’s jewellery collection, now and for generations to come.


Woman wearing Shimansky Tanzanite Millennium earings



For over a century, the diamond tennis bracelet has been one of the most popular must-have jewellery pieces. Nearly every celebrity in recent memory, from Liz Taylor to Kate Middleton, has been spotted with an iconic simple diamond bracelet displayed on her wrist. Tennis bracelets are beautiful and elegant pieces of timeless jewellery with a number of dazzling designs available. Much like a simple gold bracelet, tennis bracelets are versatile and present just as gorgeous when paired with a casual outfit as they do when worn for special occasions. If you had to select one bracelet for your jewellery collection, the iconic diamond tennis bracelet is an elegant, timeless choice.


Woman wearing a Shimansky My Girl Diamond Tennis bracelet



There’s something to be said about the iconic, classic jewellery pieces that we return to time and time again and with good reason. Timeless jewellery never goes out of fashion and complements any style. The must-have investment pieces every woman should own all have one thing in common: They are simple, yet sophisticated and can transform any outfit. When it comes to essential jewellery every woman should own, classic diamond pieces are among the top must-haves, whether it is a pair of diamond stud earrings, a timeless ring with a solitaire diamond or a delicate diamond tennis necklace. Diamonds make a worthy investment. They are beautiful, special, and will last a lifetime.


Shimansky Jewellery collection



Cocktail jewellery was born during Prohibition – a time when a celebratory cocktail was nearly as big a status symbol as a designer dress. To draw attention to their illicit beverages, and to complement the enormous glasses in which Prohibition drinks were served, women wore larger-than-life rings. Hence the cocktail ring. Today, any "statement" ring is generally called a cocktail ring.

Since cocktail jewellery is designed to attract attention, these bold party pieces are known for their size and colours. Larger than normal rings, women’s cocktail rings usually have an oversized centre stone or a lot of small stones in their settings. Given these impressive, just-for-fun jewellery pieces’ history and allure, any jewellery collection would be incomplete without one. For a stylish twist on the traditional cocktail ring, consider Shimansky’s Untamed Panther ring, set with 317 micro-pavé round brilliant pink sapphires and 2 marquise shape white diamonds. Available in 18K white, yellow, rose and black gold, this extravagant must-have ring is guaranteed to get noticed.


Woman wearing Shimansky cocktail jewellery



Statement jewellery is bold and unique and helps the wearer express their style and personality, what they believe or hope, or something spiritual. Statement pieces can be worn as eye-catching conversation starters or symbolic objects that have special meaning to the wearer. Shimansky’s Tip Of Africa Pavé Diamond Ring is a one-of-a-kind design that displays the outline of the African continent when viewed from a tilted angle. Worn as a symbolic statement piece, this beautiful creation conveys a sense of pride, love and belonging; or as a holiday memento it could represent a special experience.

The True North Two Tone Pavé Diamond Ring is another beautiful statement jewellery piece. It is handcrafted with four round brilliant cut diamonds balanced perfectly with North, South, East and West, embodying sentiments of the people that anchor and help guide us in life.

The My Girl Rose Gold Cross Pendant could be worn as an indication of commitment to faith, as a representation of a belief the wearer hold dear, or simply as a striking accessory. Statement jewellery is highly personal and a beautiful way to reveal something that the wearer holds dear to the world. A statement piece with special significance is an essential part to any woman’s jewellery collection.


Woman wearing a Shimansky panther ring



As a South African trendsetter, Shimansky is known for timeless and iconic jewellery essentials that will sparkle for generations. From classic earrings, statement pieces, must-have bracelets to cocktail jewellery and classic necklaces – let us help you find the perfect jewellery must-haves to create the perfect look for any occasion. We invite you to visit our jewellery stores in South Africa, we look forward to welcoming you. Alternatively, please contact us for any queries or to request a quotation.


Shimansky jewellery store in the V&A Waterfront

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