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An engagement ring is a timeless symbol of love and commitment. And for the rest of your days, your carefully chosen Shimansky Engagement Ring promises to be a constant reminder of the romance behind your unique journey together.

Whether it’s an elegant and perfectly classic solitaire diamond, a delicate three-stone trilogy, standout halo engagement ring or a bespoke diamond design, at Shimansky you are certain to find the perfect diamond engagement ring that reflects your unique style and is a suitably scintillating symbol of you and your partner’s endless love and commitment to one another.

Our collection of the most sought-after diamond engagement rings in South Africa is made in your choice of the purest platinum and finest 18K gold and features the renowned locally sourced and cut diamonds that are synonymous with the Shimansky brand. Each impeccably crafted ring has been created with one intention – to dazzle the person who the unique creation was meant for and to be a suitable reflection of the enormity that comes with making a lifelong vow to the one you love. Learn more about Shimansky designer diamond engagement rings. Learn more about Shimansky designer diamond engagement rings.

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  • Trilogy
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