Throughout the years humankind has been fascinated by the captivating beauty of diamonds. The breathtakingly gorgeous stone has been used to show commitment, love and even trust. For that reason, it has been Shimansky's goal to create the perfect diamond to represent all of those things forever. All the more reason why the Brilliant 10 diamond is designed to be the world’s most brilliant diamond cut. Learn more about the one of a kind diamond below.



Born from a dream to create the world’s most brilliant diamond cut, the Brilliant 10 diamond features 71 facets precisely aligned for the ultimate display of fire, brilliance and scintillation. This round brilliant cut diamond is perfectly crafted to reveal a ten hearts pattern when viewed from below and a ten arrows pattern when viewed from above through the Ideal Scope. Exclusive to Shimansky, this diamond cut is in a class of its own and is the perfect choice for the diamond connoisseur and the perfectionist. It has the ability, not only to catch the eye, but also to capture the heart.

The Most Brilliant Diamond in the World Brilliant 10


A diamond’s cut is the most important factor determining its brilliance. A bad cut can effect a diamond of even the highest colour and clarity grading, while an excellent cut can hugely elevate the appearance of a diamond of low colour or clarity grading. In the constant pursuit for perfection, the Brilliant 10 diamond cut was developed by Yair Shimansky and is the result of years of research into the exact science of light behaviour and optic dispersion in diamonds. The latest laser technology and state-of-the-art equipment was used to perfect this captivating diamond cut. At the hands of a Shimansky master craftsman, each of the 71 diamond facets are polished with a precise and calculated technique to realise maximum fire, brilliance and scintillation. In doing so, absolute perfection is achieved.

The Brilliant 10 diamond cut takes up to three times longer to cut, and can only be polished by a handful of skilled master diamond polishers. The essence of this patented cut is its ability to reflect light: the light that enters the diamond is reflected back through the table with little to no light leakage – a world first in the diamond industry, and the Brilliant 10 diamond’s most unique characteristic.


Tested at an international, independent diamond grading laboratory, the Shimansky signature Brilliant 10 diamond cut scored up to 25% more brilliance when compared to a round brilliant cut diamond. This means that the Brilliant 10 diamond delivers the ultimate sparkle, increasing not only its value, but most importantly, its beauty. When looking for a diamond for an engagement ring, the Brilliant 10 diamond is the perfect choice. Its cut is as flawless as your commitment, and its beauty as deep as your love.

In a recent test, the Brilliant 10 cut diamond was sent to a scientific and technical research centre for diamonds in Europe.


The Brilliant 10 cut diamond scored top marks for its light return, dark zone, contrast and fish eye.

  • Light return: defined as the light returned from the diamond to the observer and accounts for light that leaves the diamond through the pavilion (base) and crown (sides). When light enters a diamond, a portion of it is returned outwards, which accounts for the stone’s sparkle. The more light returned, the better, as it means the diamond has optimum brilliance.
  • Dark Zone: the estimate of size and the negative effect of dark zones seen within a diamond.
  • Contrast: an evaluation of the number of bright and dark areas in a diamond and the variation of both.
  • Fish Eye: a reflection of the girdle on the pavilion facets visible in the face-up examination of a diamond with a very small pavilion angle.

The table below shows the calculated optical performance comparing a Round Brilliant Hearts and Arrows diamond to the Brilliant 10 diamond cut, where both diamonds weighed 1ct (one carat). The table concludes that the light return mono of the Brilliant 10 is 6% higher than the Round Brilliant Hearts and Arrows diamond compared against. The light return stereo is 1% higher and the contrast is 22% higher. The dark zone mono is 14% higher.

Brilliant 10 and Eight Hearts and Arrows

Essentially, this means that the Brilliant 10 diamond outperforms an excellent cut Round Brilliant Hearts and Arrows diamond in all measures of light return, fire and brilliance, making it the most brilliant cut diamond in the world, and the perfect diamond to express your love, or capture a meaningful moment.

The rendered images below show the Round Brilliant Hearts and Arrows diamond on the left and the Brilliant 10 diamond on the right, as analysed by way of specialised diamond analysis software.

In addition to the accompaniment of an independent, international certificate of authentication, the Brilliant 10 diamond is also laser-inscribed with its unique diamond identification number, and the words ‘Brilliant 10’ on its girdle in letters no larger than a few micron, and invisible to the naked eye.

Extremely rare, the Brilliant 10 diamond can only be polished from a specifically-shaped rough diamond, as the cut is dependent on the direction of the grain.

In essence, the Brilliant 10 diamond is a diamond for those who truly appreciate perfection. Created with a combination of passion and technical precision, it is not only the most brilliant cut diamond in the world, but certainly also one of the most beautiful diamond cuts in the world. Mesmerising and spellbinding, the Brilliant 10 diamond embodies the depth of your love, and the beauty of your commitment.