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The Shimansky Evolym Diamond Engagement Ring

A Shimansky Exclusive

Evolym collection

Finding “your love” is about more than just finding a companion. It’s about finding your soul mate. The person who understands you, and accepts you, like no other. It is the person whom you want to commit to for the rest of your life, and spend every day with. When you find that person, you’ve found your love.

The words “My Love” in reverse, the Shimansky Evolym Diamond Ring is a reflection of your love and devotion in a breathtaking and innovative jewellery design.

Exclusive to Shimansky and internationally patented, the Evolym Diamond Engagement Ring radiates true brilliance. A testimony to your love and a reflection of your adoration, its unique design makes it a sophisticated choice for an engagement. Designed to hold and preserve the memory of a special moment in your life, the Evolym Ring is the ultimate reflection of your love.

An assortment of the Shimansky Evolym Diamond Engagement ring and wedding bands

The power of three

Since ancient times, the number three has been studied with much fascination. Philosopher and mathematician Pythagorus taught that the number three was the first true number; three is the number of sides to a triangle, making it the first number to form a geometrical figure, and three is a sacred number in many religions. The number three is also considered the number of harmony, understanding and wisdom.

Much like the shape of a circle, the number three is used as a symbol for that which is complete or eternal. Associated with the concept of the past, the present and the future, the number resonates with people from all walks of life.

The three bands in the Evolym Ring each run their own path, but join together to form one band. Symbolising a complete relationship, an unbreakable promise and an eternity of love and happiness, the Evolym Diamond Engagement Ring has a unique meaning to each person who wears it.

Woman wearing the Shimansky Evolym Diamond Engagement Ring

A love like no other

The Evolym Collection is completely unique, much like the love you share with your partner. Elegant and sophisticated, the collection is not only symbolic, but also a masterpiece in design. A beautiful choice for an engagement, The Evolym Diamond Engagement Ring reflects your love and promise of a lifelong commitment to your partner. A love like no other, deserves a ring like no other. Surprise her with the breathtaking Evolym design, and enjoy the lifelong reminder of the precious memory it holds.

CEO Yair Shimansky Pencil Drawing of the Evolym Diamond Engagement Ring

A breathtaking and innovative design

The distinctly unique Evolym Solitaire Diamond Ring is a Shimansky exclusive, and was designed by Yair Shimansky himself. The ring comprises three bands and a solitaire diamond: the diamond is held in between two raised bands, with the third band running along the base of the diamond, and hugging your finger.

The unique Evolym setting radiates true brilliance when viewed from any angle because of its 360 degree exposure to light. From the side, the diamond can be seen from the table to the culet, meaning the entire diamond is visible to the eye, and resting between three bands.

The Shimansky Diamond Engagement Ring in 18K White Gold

The Evolym Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring is available in two designs, with, or without, micro-set diamonds. Round brilliant cut diamonds, the Eight Hearts diamond and Brilliant 10 diamond are used in this design. The original Evolym Diamond Engagement Ring consists of one solitaire diamond with three plain bands. Evolym I has a single row of micro-set diamonds in the centre band, and has two plain bands on either side of it.

The Evolym diamond rings are available in platinum, or 18K white, yellow or rose gold. Matching Evolym wedding bands are available in plain metal, or set with a row of micro-set round brilliant cut diamonds. The different precious metal options, as well as the diamond options, allow for customisation of your Evolym jewellery creation, so that you can find the ring perfectly suited to your preferences.

Each Evolym ring is crafted to precision and technical expertise, to ensure it has the appearance of a delicately set solitaire diamond, yet it is firmly secured between three bands.